About the Writer

I am the product of a happy family.

Sure, we moved a lot – in fact, my 6th grade nickname had “mobile-home” in it (don’t ask).  Manitoba.  British Columbia.  California.  Alberta.  But it grew us as a family, tighter, stronger.  We anticipated adventures together: road trips, especially; trips to Disneyland; Mexico mission trips.  We chatted late into the night over apples and cheese-slices and steaming tea.  We played board games and Dutch Blitz and went for long walks and shared movies.  We sat up late, in the stillness of a winter’s night, and gazed at Christmas tree lights winking in the night-darkened room.  We prayed together, debated faith questions together, fought together, played music together (sometimes harmoniously and sometimes…well…).

Now I am the originator of what I hope is a happy family.  A mostly harmonious family.

We haven’t moved a lot – in fact, since I married my best friend 5 years ago, I moved into his house and we haven’t moved since.  But we play a lot, sing and dance a lot, goof off a lot, and laugh a lot.  We take key walks (that’ll come up in a future post, I’m sure).  And I have dreams of road trips and ice cream, camping trips and hot dogs, late night visits by candle-light telling stories of the day.

My mission:

To create a home that is a haven.  For my husband.  For my children.  For our friends and family.  For the strangers God brings into our lives.
To have a spirit of peace and rest and joy and hope and gratitude and active compassion and faith in our home.
To teach my children to carry these things into the world and offer them to others.
To live these things myself.


It’s true, what George Bernard Shaw said.  It’s a gift.  It’s a hope.  It’s a promise.  And it’s an offering to others.

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”

May it be so in my home!


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