So when Bob and I decided to buy this house (that we have now lived in for a week and are totally enjoying), we knew right off the top that Sara and Aliyah would share the larger of the two bedrooms.  There are so many beautiful reasons for sisters to share a room: they learn how to develop personal space in a communal space, they learn to respect each others’ boundaries, they develop a close bond whereby they share their toys, their clothes, their secrets.

And, of course, I get a library.


So that’s the selfish reason that the girls are sharing a bedroom – I’m kind of tired of having a computer in the living room, mounds and mounds of paperwork piling up in the corner of the blessed space where I relax and reminding me that I shouldn’t be relaxing; I should actually be working.

Well, this sharing-of-a-room business has been an adventure thus far, to say the least.  Of primary concern in our little world was Aliyah’s midnight med schedule: Bob and I sneak into her room at about 11:55 pm and 5:55 am for twenty minutes, during which we give her a dose of formula and five little syringes of supplements and vitamins and medications.  We also manage to change her diaper (and sometimes her clothes, when she has peed through the double-diaper she wears – not uncommon).  Well, of course we’ve been worried that Sara’s sleep would be disrupted and subsequently med-hour would grow much longer in our attempts to return her to blissful slumber.

This has not been the case.

In fact, the only night Sara woke up due to med hour was when Aliyah threw up everything and we had a hurry-hurry time of cleaning the bed, the floor, ourselves, and the kid.  And two hours later, Sara returned the favour by wetting her bed (sorry, Sara – but don’t worry, everyone does it at least once) and we had another hurry-hurry-change-the-sheets-and-the-kid time, this time to Aliyah’s sleepy protests.

No, the issues have not been the middle-of-the-night situation – they have been the before-you-sleep and when-you-wake-for-the day situation.

Day One of room sharing: Aliyah was devastated to learn that she had to stay in her crib while Sara got her (normal) big girl bed.  After a healthy round of wailing, we got both girls tucked into their own beds and slipped out.  The following hour was filled with laughter, chatter, and tears as the girls entertained or tortured each other, one after the other.

Sara, being exhausted, finally drifted off to sleep.  For the next thirty minutes: “Sara?…Sara?…Sara?…Sara?…Sara, wake up!…Sara?”  Finally, singing herself a little song, Aliyah finally slumbered.

The next morning was payback: Sara came into our room at 7am, announcing that Aliyah desperately wanted to get out of bed and was calling me.  Groggily, I headed into the room, to find Aliyah groaning, rubbing her eyes, burying her face in her giraffe, and trying to block out the light.  Haha, that’ll learn ya.

And apparently it did, for the following five days have been a dream; every night for five, the girls quietly tucked in for the night and not a peep was to bed heard.

Until tonight.  At the moment, Sara is singing herself a song while Aliyah alternates between babbling at her giraffe and calling, “C-ysal!” Where she learned my name I’ll never know, but it’s more than amusing to hear her actually calling me that way.

At any rate, my selfish desire for a library/office/study/whatever is turning into a lovely relationship between Sara and Aliyah.  Both seem remarkably happy to be sharing a bedroom (“Just like Mommy and Daddy!”) and, aside from the days when Sara shuts Aliyah in or out (and poor Ali can’t yet reach the door handle), all’s well with the world.



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  1. Holly from 300 Pounds Down
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 16:45:00

    I totally relate! I have 4 kids but to be honest none of them want to sleep alone. They enjoy being together and I’m beginning to think maybe I should snag one of their rooms for a library too!!


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