5-Minute Friday: Brave

Here we write for five minutes – no self-editing, no going back to fix our bad ideas, just the beautiful flow of words and creativity and expression.  We have five minutes to write.

So here we go.


It seems that we don’t have to face a lot of fears these days.  At least where I live, we don’t have war or famine or major natural disasters (aside from wicked wind!).  We’re not facing cruel dictators or despots.  We just live every day – waking up to a morning at home or at work or at school, grocery shopping, cooking and eating meals, visiting friends, earning money and paying bills.  Not too much to need bravery for.

And yet.

Every day, I see more on the internet that breaks my heart.  Every day I hear more about the sexualized world my daughters are growing up in, the messages they will face every moment of their lives telling them to be somebody for somebody, to reveal their most beautiful secret selves to the world, to find their identity in how their body looks and acts.

To be brave, they will have to battle that message, courageously swimming against the stream to show the truth about themselves:

They are beautiful – without make up, fully covered, in whatever body shape God has given them.  Courage is to reveal the beauty within – to stand up for truth and honor and love in the face of all that opposes, to defend the defenseless, to determine ideals based on a standard completely different than the cultural standard of the day and to act upon it.

Brave to face an onslaught of ideas that differ from truth and goodness.

Brave to face the opposition of a culture.

Brave to shine like stars in the darkness.