Five Minute Friday: Delight

Five minute Fridays: stop editing yourself, take five minutes, and let the words pour from your fingertips into your keyboard (not as romantic as the pen but hey, it’s practical).  Five minutes. Don’t take a breath. Don’t look back over your words to fix them.  Include spelling mistakes (haha, yeah right).




No word quite captures childlike wonder like delight.  The twinkles in her eyes when she get to go play in the snow.  The giggles erupting from an under duck on the swing.  The sleepy smile she gives you in the morning, followed by those little stretching arms reaching up to wrap around your neck.

They delight in everything.  A new song.  A pebble in a puddle.  A rain drop on their nose or a snowflake on the tongue.  Christmas lights.  Tickles.  A new crayon.  Playing in a box.

A box of delight

A box of delight

What has happened that we grown-ups forget to delight in the life around us?  I am so thankful for my little ones, whose daily delight inspires me to see the world in a different way.  You can’t help but laugh when your child reaches up to the sun for a sun-hug.

My biggest delight this week: watching the girls meandering down the aisle at Staples, Sara following “the leader” (Aliyah) but carefully guarding that Aliyah went the right way, and then looking up at me to say, “I love my little sister.”

My other biggest delight this week: knowing I get my husband all to myself for dinner tomorrow night, and then we get to cream our friends at squash (lol) before a long straight-through-the-night sleep.  Nothing quite so delightful.



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  1. Angela
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 10:44:59

    Hi Crystal. You should google “Ted Talks Neil 3 A’s of Awesome”. Matches this entry to a tee. Is a video. Let me know if you do!


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