The story of a house and a broken resolution

On January 1st, I asked Bob what he hoped for in 2012.  It took him a long time to process that question (you know, it’s really a light-hearted inquiry, right?), and he said, “A year without any major changes, no major decisions or life-altering moves.”

I think we are in the multiple-colossal-changes-will-rock-your-life decade, that decade of marriage and babies and career changes and other major changes.  For awhile there I thought it was just us, but it seems that when you hit 30, one big decision just leads to another big decision and there isn’t really space to breathe in between.  We went from a brief year of dating/engagement/marriage (and I mean brief – but then, we’d already known each other for 2 decades so why wait?) to a summer in Africa to two children, a life-changing chronic condition, and a minivan in the space of five years, which is a pretty average time frame, I think, for those who choose to get married, but seems like a crazy time warp experience nonetheless.

And then someone recently glanced at a wedding photo on our wall and said, “Goodness, a few years really makes a difference, doesn’t it?” and I noticed the laugh lines on my face, the little silver strands in my hair (only 6, but who’s counting?) and the tired “I-know-everything-‘cuz-I’m-a-mom” smile I wore – you know, that smile that new moms who really don’t know anything wear.


So a lot of these events sprung from our hoping and planning, with a little bit of the mystery of God thrown in.  Okay, reverse that: these events sprung a lot from the mystery (and grace) of God and a little bit from our hoping and planning.  We didn’t expect growing a family would take so long (that was before they were born; now we realize how short the time actually is); we never in a million years expected to own a minivan (all minivan moms had to overcome the shame of it at some point); and we certainly did not anticipate so many career and job changes.  Thankfully, thus far each beautiful (and even terrible) event that has come by has been allowed – maybe even given – by God.

So back to Bob’s non-resolute resolution (he doesn’t believe in resolutions – no one keeps them).  We broke it.  Pretty much immediately.  In a big way.

On January 2nd I was dreaming of the house we planned to buy in two years and happened to take a sneak peak at what was available in the neighbourhood we wanted when I stumbled across the house I knew I had always wanted.  When I showed it to Bob in the evening, he initially brushed it off, but then noticed a few things that he had always wanted in a house.  Nah.  But we prayed about it, thought about it, prayed some more, and visited a realtor friend of mine.  Long story short, a long list of snags unravelled and badaboom-badabing, we had bought ourselves a house.  Eight days after committing to a no-change year.

So much for New Year’s Resolutions.

Anyone want to help us move in the middle of March? (:


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Angela
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 14:49:15

    This is exciting news! Sometimes you just need to act. Lack of change is overrated 🙂 Congratulations!


  2. JT
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 07:09:41

    Congratulations! I just came across your blog. Great writing! Keep it up! =)


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