Awaken the beast

So I wrote this before I knew the Five Minute Friday word today was Awake.  I think it took me maybe ten minutes, instead of five.  I was planning to edit before I published, but now I guess I have to take the real words without deletion or correction if I want to follow any of the five minute rules!  Here it is, baby!


I know, I know, these kinds of nights are common to all of us – the bane of our early parenting years – the factor that causes us to think things not lawful to be uttered, say things we’d never ever say in front of the Pope or the President, and do things that become horribly humiliating when later rest gives us reflection.  Bob learned very early in our parenthood that interrupted sleep unleashed the beast in his otherwise angelic wife (not) and has been more or less patient and understanding (more when I can butter him up and less when the beast turns on him).

It happened again last night.

12am – Aliyah-minutes.  An otherworldly peaceful time in the night when I can watch my beauty’s chest rise and fall in softened sleep as I pump her body full of life-sustaining vitamins (and one drug).

1:07am – The minute when a hell-piercing shriek causes me to nearly hit the ceiling.  Apparently the tragedy of losing one’s soother is that scary.

2:something – A second hell-piercing shriek sends Bob into orbit and he hurries down the hall.  No other sounds come from the room.  Not sure exactly where the shriek came from, but the sleeper continues sleeping while her mother stares at the ceiling.  The Beast began to grumble.

3:ish – Hell-piercing shriek #3.  Both parents roll over and grumble something.  Shriek is followed by whimpering.  As in, she whimpers once (loudly), and waits in silence to see who is coming.  When silence answers her, she whimpers again.  And so on.

Eventually I get a foot in my butt indicating that it is my turn.  Muttering something that is probably nasty (I really don’t remember the details) I tromp down the room.  Growing pains have now cramped up some little calves, and my grumbling becomes sympathetic as I massage and rub and whisper into her little ear little love-notes that I am not feeling, before tromping back to bed.

4:32 – the exact moment I looked at the clock, unsure of what had woken me, before a loud cry reminded me.  I suspect that my foot was less gentle than his.  The crying child woke the sleeping child, but since no one was there to kick me, I remained in the warm impression my body had made in my mattress.

6am – Aliyah-minutes.  Hubby’s turn.  Whilst he fixed vitamins and formula downstairs, I tromped back down the hall to deal with growing pains.

And here is where it gets embarrassing.  Hopefully someone will tell me they have been equally unsympathetic to wonderful little ones in the middle of the night: after a short massage, I find one of those warm-up-in-the-microwave thingies.  Unfortunately, it is the ring rather than a stuffed toy, which might have been better received.  My little patient feels the warmed up ring and the yells that come out of her could erupted a dormant volcano.  Granted, perhaps a warm fuzzy unknown shape against your bare legs in the middle of the night is an unusual experience for a three-year-old, but I do not believe the theatricals were necessary.  I’m afraid Beastly comes out, leaves little warm alien beside the freaking-out-monster that has possessed my beautiful child, and storms out of the room back to my bed.

Within half an hour, my very loving and wonderful hubby has left for work and the screamers have drifted into a now peaceful and totally deep slumber.






3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tara@pohlkottepress
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 05:59:07

    oh, I feel those nights! when you even shock and don’t recognize yourself within the beast that has awakened 🙂 hoping for some great rest for you!


  2. Nita
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 13:55:48

    Oh, the joys of waking up in the middle of the night, numerous times, to soothe or care for our babies. In years to come, you will remember being tired, and caring for them half asleep. But, the memories that will be most prominent in your mind will be them sleeping peacefully, or awake and playing (or irritating a sibling). Trust me on this. Love that you shared this slice of your life. ~Nita


  3. Traci
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 15:31:34

    oh my goodness. been there! uggg


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