I am Mama Lion: Hear Me Roar!

Five Minute Fridays.

I’ve kind of forgotten about those.  They’re instigated by the Gypsy Mama, a fun blogger who I (occasionally) follow.  Here’s the premise:

  1. Write for five minutes.
  2. Do not edit.
  3. Enjoy.

So I will.  Here’s the topic:



The other day, I was literally roaring at my daughter at the play place in the mall.

I was being a lion.

And I was being stared at.

It is incredible how many people like to watch you when you are roaring at your child in a mall. Parents stare, especially when you get on your knees and crawl around after your screaming and giggling preschooler.  Passersby glance once – twice – and then their gaze lingers on the strange woman who looks completely normal but is acting completely bonkers in a very public space.  Kids are the most fun; they look at you with awe and wonder, and eventually start giggling.  Usually they try to join in, but then you notice the glare you are getting from their parents: don’t you dare roar at my child.

The funny thing is, my preschool daughter is not in the least bit fazed by her mother roaring at her in a public space.  She bubbled over with shrieks of laughter and sparkling eyes as she raced around the play space (granted, perhaps the speed was not wise in a small area swarming with children who hadn’t quite fully mastered the art of walking, but still).  When she’s a teenager, she’ll be powerfully embarrassed by the bizarre antics of a somewhat normal but very loud mother, but at the moment, all she thinks is Get away from that lion! and with great delight proceeds to do so.

I wish I would roar like that in public more often.

It’s far more fun than any other kind of roaring I’ve done before.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tamara Hutchison
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 18:58:09

    Oh Crystal, this post made my day. I had such a wonderful visual of you roaring around at the play place and the delightful reactions from your girls. You are one awesome Mamma!


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