Precious Moments

Oh, there are those minutes in the day when you catch your breath, tears smart behind your eyes, your heart squeezes so tightly with love that it hurts.  Sometimes those moments are gentle loving moments – between you and your child, between your children, between your child/ren and their so-gorgeous-great-loving-involved daddy (I’m lucky, lucky, lucky!!!).  Sometimes those moments are hilarious – the laughs that are coated in chocolatey sweetness that you hope you will remember for the rest of your life.

I had oodles of those moments today.

  • Sara heading off to her first dance class, her hair in a coiled braid on her head and her eyes twinkling with excitement.

  • Finding Aliyah standing in her crib – from lying down, to sitting up, to standing, all by her sweet, brave little self!!!  (And laughing through the 45 minutes it took her to fall asleep during her nap – 45 minutes in which she sat up, stood up, lay down, stood up, sat down, and couldn’t decide which way was best).
  • Sara twirling in her new ballet body suit and leotard, tripping gaily through the house, learning to (kind of) hop on one foot (more like a little skip, but oh, just so cute).

She was spinning - I just couldn't get a clear shot! (:

  • Aliyah proudly holding onto Mommy with only one hand as she toddled along!  YES!  I have another toddler!!  (And oh NOOOOOO, I have another toddler!!!).

But the best moments were just now, as I crept up to their rooms knowing that they had finally fallen asleep.

Bedtime tends to be a bit of a dream with Ali and a bit of a long, funny, sometimes-frustrating ordeal with Sara.  Aliyah loves books (she is, after all, my daughter) and will happily read through three or four before we lullaby her and lay her down with Mamie (her adored stuffed giraffe), her water bottle (which she cuddles) and her soother.  Then she usually talks herself to sleep.  Tonight, a slightly different story: she fought through the changing-of-the-diaper, butt-scooched her way to the crib, pulled herself up, and said loudly, “BETT!”  Evidently she wanted not to sleep, but to play, because for the next hour, she wandered up and down the crib rails (her mattress is on a slant, so up-and-down is really what I mean), sat up, lay down, stood up…you know, a repeat of nap-time.

Sara, on the other hand, typically has a high-energy kind of bedtime.  We brush her teeth amid giggles and crazy tooth-brushing songs (some of which you know, some of which you will never hear), have several runs to the toilet (usually one such visit is very long, and includes Daddy or Mommy sitting on the edge of the toilet and telling some kind of bedtime story that typically involves a red trailer, don’t ask me why), and cuddle up to read a story (with lots of actions, funny voices, etc).  Then we read a Bible story, pray, sing a song, and close her door “a leetle bit.”  Her first sneak-out is a joke in which we chase her back to bed and close the door.  Then we have to revisit her bedroom several times to change her back into her pajamas (she loves to change by herself).  Sara’s bedtime tonight was fairly typical.  Except for that last step, during which I poked open the door and found her

laying straight as a pencil,
with the white sheet tucked around every square inch of her body, like a mummy.

She did this the other day, too – I realized then (and now) that she was playing hide and seek and I took too long to find her!  Note to self: check on Sara shortly after she falls asleep to ensure she does not suffocate herself (and to enjoy the adorableness of it).  Oh, how I wish I’d thought to take a picture.  Next time.

After checking on Sara, I popped in on Aliyah.  Apparently, she fell asleep mid-routine – that is,

she was in a semi-sitting position but folded in half over Mamie,
face-down on the mattress with her toes tucked up beside her cheeks.

Note to self: check on Aliyah shortly after she falls asleep to ensure she does not wake up unable to ever move again.

Too cute!  I love my babies – and when they are sleeping, among many other precious times, I am reminded of how much.


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