To Grow With You

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Grow with me, baby mine.

You are three now.  I remember those first big grins and first crawling steps, first time standing up in your crib and first time sliding down the slide and now your first time on the big girl swing.

You are growing into yourself, becoming the little girl, the big girl, the young woman that you are going to be.

And I am growing with you.

Parenting is so intentional, so stretching, so out-of-reach sometimes.  I see solutions but they are just beyond my grasp; I need a footstool (or a boost from a bigger hand than mine) to get to them.  I have to grow into it.  And it gives growing pains.  You know the kind.  The ones that attack your calves and so you ask mommy for a massage, those ones, but mine are in my head.

I have to grow into patience as I seek to teach you how to control your emotions, you girl, you.  I have to grow into gentleness when my nerves are taut and my eyes are heavy with sleep and you come into the room for the third time in the middle of the night, telling me “Mommy wants to cuddle me?”  I have to grow into wisdom as you ask questions I can’t answer, act in ways I don’t understand, look in directions farther than I can see.

But growing in love seems nearly impossible, though it happens constantly.  How can I love you more?  My love seems to overflow when I watch you, my growing big girl.  But every day it grows, stretches, pours out even more.  How is it possible to have so much love for you and for that love to grow always?  I am amazed.

Sara's first earrings...clothes pins!



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