Once upon a Duck Pond

We made a discovery the other day, the girls and I.  It was a sunshiny morning and we were driving around our neighbourhood posting yard sale signs (not fun; standing between lanes of traffic and trying to attach a poster to a pole without twisting the packing tape in a knot is very difficult and embarrassing).  Ali and Sara had been remarkably patient to sit in the van whilst I wrestled with the tape and posters, and so I decided it was time for a tiny adventure.  We’d heard about a duck pond nearby, and I figured it was time to discover it.

So we pulled through a Starbucks drive-through to ask for directions (very expensive directions; there is nothing cheap about Starbucks, not even its tea – which is neither looseleaf nor special, not to complain).  Then, with kind of random and scattered directions in my head, we took a little adventure in the neighbourhood.  And found…

A little piece of heaven.

No one else was there, on that lovely wooden boardwalk.  The water rippled gently, silently, under the mild warm summer breeze which rustled through the bushes.  It was like disappearing out of the suburb and into a silent haven.  You couldn’t even see the busy street just over the trees on the other side of the pond!

Okay, this photo cheats - it is the second time we went and we obviously weren't the only ones there that time!

I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I actually brought bread with which my girls could feed the ducks.  I know it’s environmentally unfriendly.  But I did it.  And while we’ll buy seeds or something “politically correct” next time, it sure was fun watching those hundreds of ducks, of all varieties, quack and sqwack and paddle their ways over to that silent and empty boardwalk in the middle of the city.


After June – the month I never thought we’d survive – and July – the month I cried rivers of tears – August and September were like fairy tales.  The duck pond brought a renewed rest to my spirit after such a hard season.  But all the other moments in August and September, those gave hope and joy and strength and delight to our whole family!  Here are some snapshots:

Splashing in the pool on a shady deck - BRRRR! (but not to her, apparently)

Picnic with Grandpa. I have about five pics with the same expression on her face.

River-walking at Sandy Beach (forgot her bathing suit so she went in her skivvies!)

Most pictures of Sara are her back side as she is running away. Just like her cousins, I suppose! Lake day!

Wishing she could join the big kids...

Only missing one cousin from the batch... (that's a big missing piece, though, Hamilton!)

Can anyone say, Pure Joy? With contemplative cousin Hannah.


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