Five Minute Friday: Rest

Five-minute Friday.  Free-writing, no self-editing or waiting to find just the right word, just – writing.  If you’re interested, check out the link:

The topic tonight: REST.


Tonight Bob gave me a real rest.  A genuine lean-your-head-back-close-your-eyes-and-let-the-music-wash-over-you rest.  He (and two friends) surprised me (and their wives) with tickets to the Josh Groban concert, and with my heart in my throat I sat back and rested in the incredible notes that came out of that man’s mouth.

There is something about music that gives me a deep and peaceful kind of rest.  Not kids’ music, which I get all too much of, or rock music, which is enjoyable but not restful, or rap (blech), but classical, soul-soothing vocals and incredible stringed-instruments that send notes soaring about your head and straight into your heart strings.

I don’t often enough sit back and let music feed my soul.  It is a true rest to turn off my brain and just ride those gentle waves.


Gosh, it is HARD to write under-pressure at 1am!  I’m afraid this post is very scattered and sloppy, but I will not let the self-editor out and I WILL post this.  I WILL.  (But you probably won’t read it because it’s really not that good…)


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