These are the moments…

Sometimes you either must laugh or you will bawl your eyes out over the antics of your kids.  The endless screeching gets tiring one day; the next you worry about their silence and wonder if they’re sick.  One minute they play beautifully together, loving on each other like only young siblings can; then next you truly believe one of them will die at the hands of the other.  But there are those things that are hilarious – even in the moment.

Such as:

Sara parking herself stubbornly at the feet of Aliyah-bouncing-like-a-kangaroo-in-the-jolly-jumper and then freaking out when Aliyah’s twinkle toes land on her head – sometimes unintentionally, other times, not so much (in fact, Aliyah was swinging herself as far as she could and stretching her tiny little leg to reach Sara’s nose).

This could turn dangerous...and sometimes does...but in the moment it makes all of us ROFL (roll on the floor laughing...)

Aliyah sneaking said twinkle toes out of her high chair and onto the table with a sly grin.  The grin is especially sly and smirky right after I gently place that foot back where it belongs.

Always. Sheesh.

Sara being “so ‘sited” about her doctor “poin-ment” that she fairly bounces, even while sitting on the high tissue-covered bed.  Sara announcing that the blood pressure arm hug is “sooo cute.”

Aliyah being the noisiest baby in the world, babbling (screeching, really) up and down every aisle of Staples as she attempts to grab everything in sight.

Sara “helping” Mommy clean by spraying everything in the house with a vinegar-water cleaning solution.  Everything.  Including my clothes.

Aliyah desperate to grab the cat’s tail, screeching (did I mention she’s loud?) “cack!  cack!” as poor cat attempts to escape her finally-chubby fingers.

Sara putting diapers on puppy and announcing he’s “poopy now.”

What a serious goof!

Aliyah, once again in the jolly-jumper, picking things up with her toes.  Oh, those cute little toes!!

Both girls digging into the cherries and leaving dark purple streaks all over their cheeks and chins and hair and neck and clothes and legs and mommy.

Oh, these are the moments indeed.


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