Five-Minutes Friday: Beauty

For five minutes, just let your fingers go with the flow.  Don’t self-edit.  Don’t pause to evaluate.  Just write.

The topic:  BEAUTY.

Ready: GO.

Beauty is my 3-year-old daughter running ahead of me down the sidewalk.  Her gorgeous blonde hair dances around her shoulders, glistening under the sun.  It is hair that does not come from me.  Her beauty does not come from me – physically, that is.  She reflects so much of someone else: the gorgeous, dark-lashed blue eyes, the porceline skin, the golden tresses, the slender height.

But beauty is not only physical.  Every day – almost – I tell my Sara that the best thing is to have a beautiful heart.  A Beautiful Heart.  What does that look like?

Compassion.  Generosity.  Mercy.  Justice.  Truth.  Love.  Grace.

And in a little girl’s terms, what is true beauty?  To share her toys.  To cuddle her sister.  To obey her mother (with a twinkle in her eyes).  To kiss daddy and squeeze her arms around his neck.  To confess.  To forgive.

All my life I wondered if I was beautiful.  Compared myself to pictures in magazines, images on TV, girls described in (usually Christian) novels (aren’t they almost always beautiful?).  Hoped someday a boy was think I was pretty.  Focused on the wrong kind of beauty.

I hope and pray I can teach my daughters true beauty



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