Slamming “the church”

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.

Not a lot of praying, I’m (not totally) ashamed to admit.  Neither Scripture reading.  I’m afraid I haven’t really been seeking answers to some of my questions, only venting them (or letting them roll around in my brain).  Truth be told, I am not yet completely interested in exploring some of the questions because I’ve grown up with ready-made answers and those ready-made answers don’t fit.

In all honesty, I have a gut feeling about God.  About his love.  About his grace.  About how he is big enough for these questions.  And about how everything I have always believed makes sense.  It’s just that, at the moment, I’m in a bit of a faith funk.  And I’m thankful for all the people who are praying for me because, like the kids’ Bible song (there’s a lot of those in my house these days), “It’s me, it’s me O Lord, standing in the need of prayer,” and because I’m not the one doing it at the moment.

But that’s not actually the point of this particular vent.

I’ve been reading a lot of mommy blogs lately (only yesterday I realized what a trend I am joining.  It’s kind of embarrassing, really).  So many of them have challenged my thinking, inspired my actions, and increased my hope in humanity.  (And made me realize how many totally incredible writers are out there in the world.  Sheesh).  I’m starting to notice a pattern of thinking, however, that really bugs me.

A lot of people are totally slamming the modern church and Christianity in general.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know about the Crusades and other evils done in the name of Christ.  I am fully aware of the judgemental hypocracy that exists and has existed in the church.  But hasn’t the church also done tremendous good in the name of Christ?  (We are beneficiaries of said good; see my “gratitude” post).  Doesn’t such judgemental hypocracy exist in other, for instance political, arenas?   Haven’t the theology and interpretations of the modern church been the roots of growth, change, and new forms of thought?  What kind of arrogant are we if we decide to berate the church and Christianity on the basis of believing we know better?  Are we not also judgemental, then?  I’m not saying I agree with all the methods of the modern church and I definitely think we should be seeking ways of cultural relevance (not compromise) in our method (not message); I do think historic “sit-in-the-pews-and-listen” doesn’t fit with my generation of learners (there’s my “educated” pc coming out).

I also say the church is still people and not a building (not a new thought by any means, obviously), and by discarding what has gone before us, we are invalidating our own “new” positions (emerging, post-emerging, whatever we call them).

AND, if the church is full of people who think this way and are silently pouting on our blog soapboxes rather than prayerfully and actively pursing a new way of doing church among our church, then who, really, is to blame for a stagnant and judgemental church?

It’s a vent, I know.  And as my eyes blur together this midnight hour I realize it may not make much sense.  But I’m kind of tired of the trendy “I’m sick of church” mentality.  I have no stats to back it up.  These are just my thoughts, such as they are.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. beth@redandhoney
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 12:52:24

    interesting subject eh? you might find yourself annoyed with my latest post… or maybe not. i’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂


  2. Crystal
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 19:54:16

    I wasn’t annoyed with your last post – I thought it remarkably well written and not judgmental as are some of the ones I have come across. A lot of people seem to condemn the traditional church for, essentially, determining what is important in their faith – and those seem people do the same thing. All of us do. Someone said to me recently, “The church is the Bride of Christ, and God is a jealous God. We should be loving and gracious – together with truth – in speaking of her.” This has really struck me in recently days.


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