The paradoxes of a 3-year-old…

Mmmmmm…why eat cake when you can lick beaters?

This afternoon Sara and I baked her birthday cupcakes, and while I watched her licking chocolate off the beaters, wistful memories and reflections of my beautiful oldest daughter flittered through my tired brain.  She is a child of paradoxes, changing moods the way Calgary changes weather and finding joy in totally opposite things on a regular basis.

She’s a dress-a-holic.  Frilly, girly frocks hang in her closet.  Her first words in the morning are, “Can I wear a dress?”  She changes at least three times a day (into different dresses) and wants to sleep in her favourite skirt.  Frequently, I find her rummaging through my make-up drawer looking for lipstick or body sparkles (yes, I still have those leftover from my wedding day).  Every time she sees me putting something on my lips, it’s “Can I have some chapstick, just like you, Mommy?”  In a million different ways she shows me how she loves to be pretty and how she recognizes beauty in others (okay, cuteness rather than beauty, but it’s close).

She’s obsessed with cars.  I mean, obsessed.  She sleeps with a little schoolbus near her bed, has imaginary conversations with Thomas the Train (okay, not a car, but I’m a girl so I lump them together), carries her favourite little green car around with her, and always pilfers a car from Grandma’s collection (I find it clutched in her hands when I’m unbuckling her from the car seat).  Daily, she tells me she wants to take a ride in the van.  For a time there (about two months), the constant refrain around our house was, “Get a car wash today, Daddy?”  She built car washes with her duplo blocks, and washed the van with a bucket and a rag – leaving a few streaks here and there.  Grandma’s aforementioned toy cars are lined up, counted, driven into “parking spots – dat one’s kina snug,” and raced down tracks.

Daddy spending hours setting up Sara's birthday gift. It is now getting dark. Soon he will wrap this parking garage in Barbie wrapping paper. Paradox?

She alternates between, “I do it mySELF, Mommy!” and “Arrggghh!!  I can’t do it.  Help me!”  One day her favourite colour is pink; the next day, blue.  One day, “It’s too windy!” (insert screaming and crying here) and the next, she is racing up the street, wind blowing through her blond hair, shouting, “I love wind!”

She isn’t all paradoxes.  She has figured out the camera and most definitely prefers to be behind the lens rather than in front.

Sara photographing her shadow. Without anyone else noticing. Quite a surprise when I scanned my pictures!

She loves helping me administer Aliyah’s meds, and calls herself my “little nurse” who “shoots s-ringes” into Aliyah’s g-tube (shooting is indeed the correct term; I believe she has occasionally flooded Aliyah with a little too much formula at once).  To be honest, she adores Aliyah, helping her learn how to walk (with perhaps too much speed), “sharing” toys (which involves grabbing them away and holding them just out of reach so a screaming Aliyah can look at them), and dancing with a jolly-jumping Aliyah to the tunes of the Lion King.  Her most common story request is that I tell a story about Princess Sara and Princess Aliyah.

But my baby girl is already growing up.  In one moment, she wants to be a baby like Aliyah, and in the next, “I’m a big girl now!  I’m almost free!” (Lol).  Yes, Sara, you are almost free.  May you be free forever! (:  Happy birthday, Princess.  I love you more than you will ever know.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. beth@redandhoney
    Jul 30, 2011 @ 21:26:01

    Love it. Your kids really are truly so cute. I love them too. It’s fun for me to see the similarities in Isaac and Sara, being at the same age. Some things are just so typical for 3-yr-olds!


  2. Stina
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 05:20:13

    Happy Birthday beautiful …. love you and miss you so much Precious. May you grow to be the Princess you were created to be.


  3. Colleen
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 15:29:09

    awww…beautiful Sara, you’ve written so beautifully about her. I sure hope she’ll get to see a copy of this when she’s raising her kids someday!


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