Half-full nothing!

This morning, after Aliyah’s blood work was done and we’d received discussed Aliyah’s medical needs, caloric needs, weight gain (a whopping 15 lbs 1.8 oz!!!  Way to grow, Baby!), the social worker popped in to say hello.  She introduced me to our team psychologist (yeah, we have a team of people we don’t have to personally pay who care for Aliyah and for us; we love the Alberta Children’s Hospital), who is supposed to make sure we are coping well enough with Aliyah’s diagnosis.  The social worker noted that I seemed “lighter and happier” than I had for awhile, and then said in her sweet Irish brogue,

It makes all the difference, if you see your cup as half empty or half full.”

“Half full, nothing!” I chirped.  “It’s totally full!”

And as I reflect on fullness tonight, I realize that it’s true.

Half full is noting I have a house but it isn’t big enough or has a too-small kitchen.  Full: I have a roof over my head.  I get to renovate it to suit our needs – and our fancy.

Half full: I have a daughter with cystinosis who is tolerating her meds and gaining weight, but still too small.  Full: I have Sara and Aliyah, two lively, precocious girls who, once upon a time, I did not think would ever be.

Aliyah in all her goofy glory.

Sara, such an introspective. How can one not be full with such hilariousness in the house?

Half full: Our church family loves us.  Full: Our church family loves us, and we love them.

Half full: I married my childhood sweetheart.  Full: my husband is my best friend, my rock, the father of my children, our breadwinning provider – and he still melts my heart.

Half full: We have head colds.  Full: we have head colds but we are otherwise completely healthy, have a comfy bed to sleep in and can fill our diets with a variety of delicious things full of nutrients.  I’m not stuck eating “ugali” at every meal!

Half full: I have so many questions about my faith.  Full: I believe in a God who is big enough and wise enough and full enough for those questions.


Half full nothing.  My cup is full.  And overflowing.

Niagra Falls, full and overflowing. As is my heart.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. beth@redandhoney
    Jul 28, 2011 @ 12:56:40

    HA! Those pictures are hilarious! And as always, I love your perspective.


  2. StaceyKlingbeil
    Jul 28, 2011 @ 14:44:21

    I love reading this Crystal! So inspiring. Still praying for you all everyday.


  3. Crystal
    Jul 28, 2011 @ 16:06:55

    Thanks Beth! I thought the one with Ali was particularly hilarious. She put them on herself and was quite proud about it. And Stacey, I’m enjoying reading your blog about Haiti, too! I need to figure out how to put links on here to other blogs…


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